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The core activities of our organization with name: Association of Slovak Spotted Cattle Breeders - Cooperative, after the breeders of meat breeds established their own independent organization, is taking care for development of the Slovak spotted breed.   The priority is coordination of activities of all concerned elements within the breeding process and provision of sufficient and high quality information to the breeders to facilitate their decision-making process..

History of the Association

The first meeting of the preparatory committee with presence of the representatives of all significant breeders of the Slovak spotted breed, interested in participation, has been held on January 2008, 1992 in Prešov. On this working meeting a date of the constitutive membership meeting has been agreed and tasks connected with preparation of the constitutive materials, such as memorandum of association, statute and procedure order, have been assigned. 

During searching for optimum form of organization, the Constitutive committee decided on association in compliance with the Commercial Code. When establishing the elected bodies, an equal representation of the representatives of the production companies from the various Slovak regions and adequate representation of the service companies and scientific and research base has been agreed.  In addition, the beginners in the area of meat breeds asked for membership in the Association, so the following name was suggested: Slovak Association of Spotted and Meat Cattle Breeds Breeders.

Negotiation of the constitutive membership meeting has been held on February 20, 1992 in Lehota nad Rimavicou at presence of the 79 registered representatives of the productive and nonproductive companies.

The following foundation documents of the Association have been approved:

  • Memorandum of Association,
  • Statutea rokovací poriadok.
  • Rule of Procedure

Cooperation with Agronomic Faculty of the Slovak Agricultural University

In 1993, the Agreement was signed between the Association and then Agronomic Faculty of the Slovak Agricultural University, where the frameworks and areas of cooperation are stipulated. The following subjects intensively cooperated on performance of the Agreement:

  • Department of Special Zootechnics and
  • Department of Breeding Biology and Genetics.

Agreement performance has been focused on two areas: education of breeding public through the Practical School of Breeder and issue of the thematically focused publications  but also through a common issue of the Cattle Breeders Field Manual, Prof. Debrecéni at al.

Completion, upgrade and harmonization of the conceptual and methodical documents have been more difficult. These documents decide on results of breeding and thus on production and economical results of the breeders. 

After a quite short period, a team under lead of Mr. P. Strapák, CSc. completed the methodical documents focused on organization of evaluation in the area of stock-raising, selection of mothers of bulls, principles of test matching, generation of name for new-introduced bulls, determination of quality criterions for import of insemination batches and brood cows.

The publications, focused on program, required more work:

  • Breeding objective and breed standard of the breed,
  • Evaluation of the Slovak spotted breed exterior,
  • Statute of the Slovak spotted breed pedigree book and principles of pedigree book management.  
Mr. Juraj Candrák, CSs. also participated on preparation of technical management of the pedigree book.

After approval of the Statute for the Slovak Spotted Breed Pedigree Book during the extended meeting  of the Association´s Breeing Section in the conference room of the PD Horná Nitra Nedožery - Brezany, a stage of preparation of the documents, necessary for activities, has been completed.

Next, the work of professional and volunteers and members of Association could focus primarily on implementation of the breeding and farming objectives.

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