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Breed objective

The Slovak spotted cattle breeding shall continue in direction of the meat-milk utility type with a high milk and meat production. A stock-rising economics and efficiency is to be achieved through an ability to consume large amounts of bulk feed in connection with a high utility level, regular fertility, earliness, longevity and adaptation abilities. 

Special attention is to be paid to a robust, well-shaped udder enabling ease milking, the correct, dry legs with strong neat, well-developed muscles and adequate physical shape.

Slovak spotted breed

Milk utility

Milk production 
    - gilts

5.500 – 6.000 kg
    - older cows 6.500 – 7.500 kg
Production of proteins 210 kg
Protein content at least 3,5%
Fat content 3,8 – 4,1%
Production age 4 – 5 lactations

Meat utility

Average daily gain (bulls in feeder) 1.300 g and more
Butcher yield over 60%
Meat share over 70%

Physical dimensions and weight

Small of the back height - adult cows 140 – 144 cm
Small of the back height - adult stud bulls 152 – 160 cm
Weight - adult cows 650 – 800 kg
Weight - adult bulls 1200  kg

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